While it’s different from state to state, county to county, you’re likely experiencing some level of lightened restrictions as we progress through the Covid-19 pandemic. I think I can speak for many of us and say we’re excited to be able to start seeing businesses and life as we know it to get back to some new version of normal.


And yes, I think the “normal” we will continue to realize in the future will be forever altered in some degree. We entered into uncharted territory over the past couple of months, learning to run businesses virtually, host ministries all online and troubleshoot missing nonprofit funding events and programs. So what do we need to keep in mind as we begin to reopen our nonprofits and ministries across the country?


The 3 C’s of reopening your organization:


  1. Content

Keep up the content. You may have gotten into a great new habit of creating more content than usual to be consumed online (because it was impossible to communicate any other way). Don’t stop that. You’ve proven that you can do it (so no excuses!), and those who follow you or receive that digital communication now feel your presence more than ever and will likely expect some consistent level of online communication from you moving forward.


  1. Convenience

Take the omnichannel approach. Make sure the content that you produce is conveniently accessible to your audiences. Put the content on various channels, making sure you’re meeting everyone where they are. By posting your content in several places, you’ll also be able to easily test what platforms your audiences primarily exist in and focus your efforts on those.


  1. Community

Continue to cultivate the online community, allowing people to connect in this new way. While you will hopefully be able to have physical community and connection with your donors or church members some day in the future, as you reopen, don’t let the online community-building die. When people are able to connect with like-minded, similarly passionate people, their loyalty to your organization deepens because you have now provided relief to a cause they care about, as well as creating a community that they value.


These 3 C’s encompass many different tactics to pull them off effectively and with gusto. If your organization needs help as you continue to deepen your online presence, communication and marketing, be sure to download our free ebook, 7 Marketing Tactics Your Nonprofit or Church Must Do in 2020. This ebook walks you through some important trends that help make sure your efforts are in tip top shape.

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