Ninety-one percent of all people on earth have a mobile phone, and 80 percent of mobile phone usage happens on apps. While apps are generally associated with social networks, business, or games, churches and ministries are venturing to create apps that give them the opportunity to be in continuous conversation throughout the week.

Besides Sunday services and ministry from its base in Birmingham, Alabama, The Church at Brook Hills is a leading online provider of great Christian content and media. They partnered with The A Group to create a mobile app to be an extension of the Sunday service that keeps members engaged on a daily basis.

The Church at Brook Hills app is a daily Bible reading and study guide app for both iOS and Android devices. Users can enjoy the weekly teachings and accompanying resources from David Platt, Jim Shaddix, and others. The app is easy to navigate and features Daily Reading with selected scriptures from the Bible, a Daily Reading Guide to support the text, a Personal Worship Guide to aid individuals in Bible exploration, and a daily scripture for memorization.

Additionally, PDF, audio and video resources enhance the overall experience by giving the user access to accompanying media content as they study. The app includes a Family Worship Guide, a Small Group Guide, and the weekly audio and sermon video as delivered at Brook Hills each Sunday. A full archive section is also available with access to scripture text, study guides and resources from previous weeks.

The Church at Brook Hills app is a prime example of how churches can use apps to enhance ministry and increase reach. Not only does it serve as a communications tool for the church, it offers content and resources, from weekly sermons to long-term reading plans, all in one place and in the medium people use the most. With technology, churches and ministries are now able to reach people wherever they are, making apps not just an important marketing tool, but an important outreach tool.

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