Our culture of microwave ovens, Internet downloads, and drive through windows has produced a population that craves convenience.

But does “quick and easy” affect the frequency or amount of donations made to your organization? You may be surprised. When donors are ready to give but can’t figure out how, they may abandon the process entirely, costing you a relationship and a donation.

How convenient is it for donors to give money to your organization? Have you considered that if someone wanted to give but found it difficult—whether that’s because the process was time-consuming, awkward, or confusing—that you could lose precious dollars for your bottom line?

It’s time to critique your donor’s experience when it comes to giving so you can make it convenient and accessible.

4 Tips for More Convenient Giving:

1. Make sure you are set up to take online and credit card donations and ask for donations by email. According to the 2014 M+R Benchmarks study (http://www.mrbenchmarks.com/, a study featuring statistics about online fundraising, advocacy, and list building from 53 leading nonprofits), 5.6 million online gifts were collected last year for a total of nearly $325,000,000. The average email gift size was $57 (one time) and $20 (monthly).

2. Top of ForBottom of FormMake sure your website is easy to navigate with prominent “give” buttons. Check and double-check the functionality of the donation process, fixing any hiccups or glitches immediately. In 2014, for every website visitor, nonprofits raised $.60.

3. Incorporate mobile giving into your strategic plan. Using a text to give service, such as Textify Mobile, gives donors a way to give effortlessly and in the moment. With average mobile messaging open rates at almost 100% (according to www.mobilecause.com), you are able to reinforce the urgency of the need while equipping donors immediately with a convenient way to give.

4. Offer a receipt and thank you to donors for their transactions. This can be a simple autoresponder email or a paper receipt mailed a few days later. Helping donors keep track of their donations by providing receipts is both a nice gesture and an act of customer service. Don’t miss the chance to truly engage with donors; make these touch points personal and compelling, and use them to tell your story.

As the culture changes, ministries and nonprofits must change with it. Don’t miss the chance to connect with donors because of a cumbersome giving process. By utilizing the latest technology and streamlining the user experience, you can make supporting your organization more accessible than the McDonald’s drive thru.

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