Entrepreneurship isn't a path paved with just successes; it's also lined with the hard stones of reality we tread daily. In the spirit of raw honesty, let me share a few truths about the gratitude that has shaped my journey.

#1--I look back to where it all started—with parents in Brazil with nothing but courage and grit and a vision for their kids' future. They weren't armed with degrees or investors' cheques; they had their will to succeed and the patience to build from scratch.

Their legacy isn't just in the business they built but in the resilience and drive they modeled for me. For that, I am profoundly grateful.

#2--Mentorship has been a gift that came without ribbons. It arrived in the form of seasoned professionals who saw my potential and decided to invest their time and truth. They've been the ones to say what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. Their wisdom guided me with practical advice, shared experiences, and the kind of friendship forged in fires.

#3--I've been blessed to have a team as invested in our mission as I am. They're the co-authors of our success, bringing their stories, skills, and hearts to the table every day.

Our achievements are built on their contributions, and the lessons we've learned together are invaluable. From them, I've learned, and continue to learn, the most about the complex dance of leading and following.

#4--Then, there are the ones who left their lessons in painful ways. I've crossed paths with those who have let me down and taken more than they've given, leaving behind a trail of hard-learned lessons in trust and vigilance.

It's a sorrowful reality to recognize that relationships once deemed genuine were anything but.

Yet, the ability to still find joy in my work, to value the people who stand with me, and to walk with integrity—knowing I've upheld my word, even when it came at a personal and professional cost—is invaluable. 

It is a testament to the strength we can all find within ourselves when faced with adversity.

In this business life, gratitude comes in many forms—the good with the bad, the uplifting with the challenging. It's about finding strength in adversity and learning from every encounter.

To the community of business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who read this: let's share our stories—the successes and the trials—with honesty and without pretense.

If you've found wisdom on this rugged path or need an ear to share your story, I'm one of you.

Let's navigate this journey with open minds and open hearts. I'm ready to listen and share if you want a candid conversation about the entrepreneurial road less traveled.

Let's schedule a time to talk, reflect, and maybe inspire each other. Book a conversation with me, and let's find that middle ground where real talk meets genuine gratitude.

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