The moment someone makes a decision to give to your organization is one of the times they’re most engaged with you. They’ve researched what you do, your impact, your team, maybe even your financial accountability and been moved to action. But more than just making a financial gift, that donor is making an attempt to connect – to build a relationship with your organization and become a part of what you do.

So imagine how he feels when he receives an automated, generic thank you message and then…nothing.  He might feel underappreciated or like he barely knows you. He might feel like you didn’t really notice or need him. And he might make his next gift elsewhere.

While to you the point of donation feels like finally sealing the deal, to the donor, it is the start of her relationship with you – and what you do next could make or break your ability to earn her long-term loyalty. Strategically onboarding new donors through a welcome packet and series of communications to make them feel special and to tell your story is critical to new donor cultivation.

Our free new donor welcome kit will help you take the guesswork out of what to send to new donors. Included in this free resource are samples of:

  • Confirmation email
  • Thank you emails
  • Printed thank you letter
  • Ideas for next steps and going the extra mile

Plus, you’ll have access to download original, editable files so you can start using them right away! Download the free template, make your donors feel welcome and watch your funding grow.

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