The lines between marketing and technology are becoming more and more blurred. Ministries and nonprofits must dive in, building their foundation with online presence and tech strategy, all the while monitoring trends to ascertain which trends are here to stay.

It can be a daunting task, however, to identify a starting point. Websites, social media, email and other tech trends that were once all the rage are now expected.  Here at The A Group we’ve identified the top five trends that ministries and nonprofits cannot ignore in the coming year.

Integrated Marketing

Marketing and technology are no longer two separate disciplines. They are closely related, each influencing and supporting the other. Create an integrated marketing strategy that includes technology tools, such as sending out an email alongside a direct mail piece or running a pay-per-click ad campaign in addition to print ads.

The Marketing Technologist

As marketing and technology strategies merge, the need for a “marketing technologist” on teams is on the rise. Having someone on your team, whether an internal employee or outside agency, who can understand both marketing and technology is critical. This person will help close the gap between the two areas to ensure your implementation of technology will support your marketing efforts.

Mobile First

Ninety-one percent of the earth’s population owns a mobile phone, and 50 percent of mobile phone users use their phone as their primary source to access the Internet. Not only must websites be optimized for mobile viewing through a mobile or responsive site, but designers must take a “mobile first” mindset. Assume that a user is viewing the site on a mobile device and plan all features accordingly.

Personalized Content

People no longer view technology as impersonal. As the primary source of communication and social networking, technology is not seen as a barrier but as a connector, and users expect their technology to be personal to them. From customized ads to personalized emails, ministries must tailor content for their audiences through data-driven marketing.


As fewer people carry cash and checks, it is critical to create an easy-to-use mobile giving option. Audiences are quick to embrace text-to-give opportunities, and ministries are seeing amazing results. Through services like Textify Mobile, churches have raised nearly $10,000 and acquired 700 first-time donors in just one day.

How is your ministry or nonprofit embracing technology in 2014? What trends are now necessities for your organization?

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