Is your organization gearing up for year-end giving, or in the midst of the holiday shopping rush? Well, good news—an exciting TAGTools 4 update was rolled out yesterday just in time to help you out. Our Transactions Report has gotten a makeover, and managing your donations & purchases just got a whole lot easier.

Wait, what report?

In case your website isn’t integrated with a payment gateway yet, here’s a quick review of what the Transactions Report does: every time a donor or customer processes a payment on your site, the TR associates it with their user account, logs it, and makes it available to view right from your admin. There will always be some items you’ll need to use the gateway for—that’s part of maintaining the security of your payments—but this report gives you a place to quickly review transactions for your reporting or customer service needs.

Ok, so what’s new?

  • Filters – Filters are better organized and more intuitive—review certain time spans or donations types with ease.
  • Sorting – You can now sort the report by any field you like, including date or purchase amount.
  • Permissions – Access to payment gateways and reports is more granular; now you can allow certain admins to view the report without being able to modify your gateway keys or information.
  • Details – Individual transaction pages are reorganized so you can more quickly get to the information you need.

We’re confident these changes will make a big difference for your donors and customers through the end of 2017 and into the new year. Cheers to that!

Didn’t know TAGTools could process payments? Shoot us an email and find out what else it can do.

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