Sometimes small changes have a big impact, like when you set your alarm for PM instead of AM, or when you forget to add that teaspoon of baking soda to your cookies (No? Just us?). Today we rolled out a few small changes on TAGTools 4 that, though minor, will make a big difference in the way our web clients use their admin.

Our clients are the ones working with our tool day in and day out, and we eagerly solicit feedback on how things are working for them. When we begin to notice trends in items that cause confusion, that’s a sign to us that some change is in order. Sometimes that change is big, but often it’s comprised of small tweaks here and there.

Settings, Simplified

All modules related to site content and functionality now live under a single menu item: Tools. Admin and permission controls, payment gateway setup, and access to your podcast details have moved off of the Settings menu and into Tools—no more having to remember what lives where.

Jargon, Removed

Site Aliases is now, simply, Redirects. This powerful module can still be used to quickly put 301 and 302 redirects in place, but is now more descriptively named.

Carousels, Restructured

The way users create carousels—those media slideshows that can be placed on any page, anywhere—has been rearranged and renamed. Rather than assigning Carousels to Carousel Categories, Carousels are assigned to Carousel Slides. Both these labels and this hierarchy will be much more intuitive for our admins.

These changes may seem small, but we know they’ll be mighty helpful for the very people using TAGTools 4 to further their mission on the web. Have more questions about TAGTools 4? Shoot us an email.

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