From billboards to banner ads, there’s no doubt we live in a society saturated with marketing messages. In this environment, it’s difficult for brands, marketers and ministries to rise above the clutter and stand out from the crowd. How do we reach people in a world where ads plaster every corner of our world? What if we started giving them something that matters, helping them instead of soliciting them? 

Content Marketing, or the practice of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience, seeks to do just that. By providing something of value to customers, it makes them more likely to listen to your message and to create positive associations with your brand.

The A Group recently partnered with Student Leadership University, a faith-based youth leadership training program, to develop an eBook, “The Call of a Leader”, that serves as a content piece anchoring SLU’s spring marketing. This piece features contributions from some of SLU’s prominent faculty and speakers, including Pat Williams (Vice President, Orlando Magic), Dr. Danny Akin (President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary), Brad Lomenick (President, Catalyst), and Mark Miller (Vice President of Development, Chick-fil-A), all discussing the character traits of a leader.

This book, beautifully designed and offered for free, highlights the quality of the SLU staff, showcases some of the material covered at SLU, and gives youth leaders and students a free resource that help them in their walks and ministries. By equipping and helping their audience, and by providing teaser content for the summer program, this content piece is an effective way to reach an audience by providing them something of value that positions SLU as an expert in student leadership.

Head over to and check out the eBook today! Not only is it a great example of content marketing, but it’s a valuable leadership resource, not just for students but for anyone in a position of influence.

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