#GivingTuesday is officially two weeks away. Are you ready?

No matter what kind of campaign you are running (and hopefully you are running one), using video will boost the strength and reach of those efforts significantly.

Consider this: Did you know that 100 million Internet users watch videos online every day? AND, site visitors who watch a video on a website stay an average of two minutes longer on the site than other users. That means having a video on your #GivingTuesday landing page elongates a donor’s time on the page—all time that you can use to convince them to donate!

Here are some creative ways to use video during your #GivingTuesday campaign:

  • Use video to introduce people to your campaign. Keep it short (30-60 seconds), light and informative. Use the video on your #GivingTuesday landing page to inform people who might land there via email or social media. Also, share the video on social media and pin it to the top of your Facebook page.
  • Utilize Facebook Live video to bring people into the excitement of the campaign, to share live updates, and to give people a look behind the scenes throughout the day on Tuesday.
  • Ask donors to submit videos of why they donated or what they gave up in order to donate. Share these videos on your social accounts and email communications throughout the day on Tuesday to compel others to give. It’s okay if these videos are low quality—it’s the gesture that matters.  
  • Create a follow-up video sharing the total dollars raised and include your whole team to say thank you to the donors. Share the video on all your channels.
  • Try to capture video of donor dollars in action, for example: hungry people receiving meals, needy students accepting scholarships, homeless people getting clothes etc.  Share these videos with donors in follow-up communications to show them what their gifts accomplished.

Regardless of what you’re promoting or asking dollars for, using video to tell a part of that story gives new and current donors a much deeper look inside your organization and your story. Still not convinced of the video’s power? Check out these stats.

If you haven’t been planning out your #GivingTuesday campaign yet, there’s still time! With the help of our #GivingTuesday toolbox, you’ll get creative campaign tips and ideas, social media graphics you can use, and sample social media posts. Download below and get started today! 

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