Clubhouse is the newest “hot” social network. It started in April of 2020 and it has over a 1 billion-dollar valuation already.



But should you invest your time and effort into it, especially if you are a nonprofit leader or a church? Before you can answer that, here’s a quick overview followed by my observations.


How is Clubhouse Different than other platforms?

  • It’s a voice-only community. Think of live radio shows where you can enter rooms, ask questions and listen in conversations.
  • Anyone can start a room and create a topic of conversation
  • There are no pictures, videos or memes.
  • It’s invitation only at this time. Technically, the platform is on Beta.
  • It works on iPhone only currently.

I joined Clubhouse about 6 weeks ago and here’s who I believe could benefit the most for being on the network:


Clubhouse is a great platform for you to network.

You can meet all kinds of interesting, famous, rich, well-connected people in any given room. Mark Cuban, Shaquille O’Neal, Elon Musk, and many other influencers, investors and experts are part of Clubhouse and are quite accessible, at least at this point.


I have talked with people who have connected on Clubhouse and have gotten clients, investors and speaking opportunities after being a session with an influencer.


Clubhouse is a great place for you to share your message.

Think about having your own webinar or live podcast and walking people through your content, even if you use stories to motivate, help, and mobilize people.

If you have a compelling message, you should consider joining the community.


Clubhouse is a great place for you to do research.

Part of any new product development or initiative is to find out what our target audience really wants from us. Being able to have a great focus group of your target audience giving you live feedback about your new idea is of great value.


You can spend thousands of dollars in market research. Clubhouse lets you find your target audience and engage with them in a meaningful way for free.


Chances are your Clubhouse community will become an early adopter of your new initiative, product or offering.


Clubhouse is a great new opportunity for you to grow with.

Twitter is on the decline, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are crowded and you are at their algorithm’s mercy for your content to be seen.


On all of these platforms you have to pay to play if you want to grow your audience.

Clubhouse is new, fairly simple and you can grow and create a following much quicker than anywhere else.


Final Thoughts

There are plenty of pros and cons for any social network. You can waste a lot of time or you can get great results from your efforts. The same is true for Clubhouse; however, it has a lot of potential and, best of all, momentum at this point.


But before you jump on the Clubhouse bandwagon, make sure you have a clear strategy.


Without a strategy that allows you to understand next steps for you or your organization, Clubhouse can become a time-suck much like creating dancing videos for Tik Tok.


I am a strong believer in using social media as part of my overall marketing strategy. I help our clients figure out how to bring their social media plan inside an overall marketing strategy.


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