There is nothing more frustrating than spending time and money putting together a campaign only to get little or no results from all your effort.
If you have been there, or if you are there now, you are in good company. We all face the same challenge.
If you are anything like me, I tend to start tweaking your tactics when things are not going the way you want.
“Let’s change the creative on the ads.”
“Let’s try new copy on the landing page.”
“Let’s rewrite the follow up email sequence.”
You can drive yourself crazy trying to optimize these tactics without seeing better results.
After decades of creating marketing campaigns, I have discovered that the most significant issue of a stalled campaign is often not the tactics but the offer.
The offer is the big idea behind your campaign. It can be moving people to buy your product, enlist in your group, volunteer at your event, or even visit your church.
A well-crafted offer can become irresistible. That’s when you get someone telling themselves: “That’s a no brainer. Yes, I want it.”

Over the years, I have found a formula that works well in helping me create great offers. Here it is.
Who + What + How + Why Now = Yes! 
Let me break it down.

  • WHO is it for? = Ideal audience / Market Niche
  • WHAT are you delivering? = Transformation / Desired Result
  • HOW are you delivering it? = Unique Mechanism
  • WHY NOW? = Compelling Reason to act now

I’m working on a nonprofit growth masterclass and have been thinking through my offer. Using this formula, my offer might be something like: 

Learn how to accelerate your nonprofit growth using a proven framework I'll teach you in my free masterclass. Registration closes Friday.

In this example, Who is it for: Nonprofit leaders.
What am I delivering: fast-track to growth.
How am I delivering it: through a proven framework in a free masterclass.
Why now: Registration closes Friday.

If you are a nonprofit leader, staff or volunteer, and you have a chance to accelerate the impact of your organization for free, chances are this offer resonates with you! 
I know this exercise will help you craft a better offer and ultimately see better results in your campaigns. 
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Keep making a difference,

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