Is your brand consistent, recognizable, engaging, and ready to share? Take our 30-question brand assessment survey to see where your brand stands and how you can take it the next level.

Download the survey, tally up your points & see how you stack up below:

0-39: Brand-aid

While your mission is amazing, you are so focused on your work that you have not built an umbrella under which to communicate what you do. Before supporters can connect with you, you will need to build a brand, allowing them to fully understand your mission. Start with your mission statement, key messaging and basic visuals - colors and logos.

40-79: Go West, Young Brand.

You understand that branding is important and have made initial efforts to strategically think about who you are and what you do. It's time to expand your brand by thinking through each of your audiences, your unique value proposition, and how to communicate your brand externally in a simple way that makes it easy to connect.

80-119: Brand of Brothers

You have an established, recognized brand with all key elements considered: audience, messaging, value statement, and visuals. Your next step is to build a community around your brand, first building internal momentum, then empowering your supporters to emotionally connect and become advocates for you.

120-150: Brandiosity

Congratulations - you're the total package. Not only do you know who you are and what you have to offer, but you always look put together and are out there and ready to mingle. Keep doing your thing!


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