If you are not using landing pages in your outreach you are missing out. Big.


Landing pages are one-page websites created for a specific task. Most often these pages walk people through one specific ask. It might be selling a product or service, giving them a free product or download for the exchange of an email even to help them understand one aspect of your mission or organization (such as service opportunity or an online group).


Why should my church, or nonprofit have a landing page?

If you are only reaching out to your members then a landing page is not as critical, but if your church is reaching out to new people with a specific message, i.e. a new message series, a volunteer opportunity, an invitation to your online Christmas Eve service, you need to think about what information someone needs to have in order for them to say “yes” to your offer. A landing page is ideal to have a “conversation” with a prospect and help them understand the value of what you are asking them to do.


Why send people to a landing page instead of my website?

Landing pages have become important in helping you narrow the “ask” of your target audience. Sending new people directly into your homepage or even in interior page on your website makes your potential new visitor, client, donor or member work hard to get the information they are looking for, and most often, people are not going to do the work.


A well-constructed landing page will create a simple connection between your ad, email or social media post and walk new people to your organization through a well-thought-out flow of copywriting, video, and a simple call to action (CTA).


What if we just want people to discover us online? Aren’t sponsored posts and ads enough?


No. It really isn’t. While people can come across your content and theoretically a small portion of them might be curious enough to go to your FB page or website, you are still sending someone new into your “house” without any help or guidance.


The bottom line is that by not having a landing page with a clear offer or opportunity, you are spending a lot of time, effort and money creating content that gets very little or no traction.


Most of the time when someone tells me they are not getting results from their social media campaigns, they don’t have a landing page or if they do, there is not clear CTA.


I don’t have a lot of experience in this area. What should I do?


Don’t worry. You are not alone. We are working on a FREE training to help you figure out how to put a killer marketing campaign together that includes landing pages that convert. If you want to sign up for it, click here, sign up and I’ll send you more information once the date has been set.


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