"If I am not moving forward, I know I am sliding backwards." That's a cliche for many, but it's a foundational truth for me. Some label it discontent, or ungratefulness, others personal growth. I have come to the realization it can be both a lack of gratitude or a great opportunity to grow and reaching new personal heights. The difference has everything to do with our motivation.


No one would ever accomplish greatness without challenging the status quo. The inner drive to take us beyond where we have been, beyond our own perceived limitations comes from within, and I believe is from God. But even this part of our divined-inspired nature can be corrupted. In this case, replacing our God-given drive to become better at who we and what we do, to grow, and even accomplish the impossible with the search for happiness and significance is the difference between personal growth and ungrateful discontent.

Please, don't settle. Keep pushing. But also realize that there is not a pot of gold at the end of your personal-accomplishments rainbow that will make you happy. Our achievements cannot do that. While they can bring a certain amount of joy into our lives, their enjoyment is temporary at best. Soon we'll find ourselves discontent, yet again.

Recently I was struggling with some of my personal goals. I finally had an honest conversation with myself and began examining the motivation behind them. I had put too much weight on the pay off, knowing that even if I accomplished all of them, they could never give me the satisfaction I needed.

Have you ever pursued something (even a someone) that turned out to be a disappointment? How did it impact you?

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