You just left Amazon without purchasing that exciting new book, and now it’s popping up in your Newsfeed. You see a sponsored post from a company that sells products you purchase frequently (even though you don’t like their page), and not only that, you see that your Facebook friends John, Mary and Sheila like the company too!

Whether you like it or not, Facebook knows A LOT about us. Think about it. When you create a Facebook profile, you’re providing your name and your birthdate, but you’re also adding work and education, places you’ve lived and interests—books, movies, television shows, magazines, activities, hobbies—to your profile.

As Facebook continues the pursuit for digital domination, you’ve probably heard (and seen!) quite a bit about their powerful ad targeting capabilities.

While it can be scary personally to think about all of the data Facebook has collected about us, as marketers, we should be rejoicing! Now, we have the ability to reach our target audience with tailored messages and relevant content in a very affordable and measurable way.

Facebook has a lot of advertising options for how you can reach these audiences—target by demographics, age, gender, and even location.  And now you can take it a step further. Download our Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting today and learn how to use powerful ad targeting options you may not already know about. 

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