Last year I felt I was missing out on the massive web changes that were being called web3.
So I did what I always do: I began to learn about it and explore its capabilities and promises.
And soon, I discovered a new world of possibilities, but with a big learning curve.
There was so much jargon: NFTs, DAOs, tokenized community, metaverse, etc.
I figured out that there were a lot of people in my situation. They wanted to learn about this new frontier without spending hours going down Google search rabbit trails.
You are in luck. I did the work for you.
I’ve created a simple and easy-to-understand web3 guide for nonprofits and churches.
Here’s what you’ll get from this guide:

  •     What is web3, and how is it different from the current Internet (web2)?
  •     What are the benefits of web3, such as decentralization, security, and privacy?
  •     What are the key Web3 technologies, such as blockchain and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)?
  •     How can nonprofits use web3 technologies to improve their operations by accepting donations, transparent record-keeping, and collaboration?
  •     How can individuals and organizations join the Web3 ecosystem and use these new technologies?

The best part is that the guide is FREE.
Just CLICK HERE and download it.

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