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“How to Create a Nonprofit Growth Plan, Even without a team or a big budget."

In this training, I will show you:

  • After Decades of Coaching Nonprofit Leaders, I Have Developed a Growth Framework I Use With All My Agency Clients.  (hint: If you are trying a lot of different strategies and not seeing the growth you need don't miss this training).
  • My 4 Pillars of Nonprofit Audience Growth Most People Get Wrong. Most growth strategies can be waste a lot of time and money if they are not used inside a proven framework.
  • How to Deploy a Social Media Campaign that Actually Works
  • How to Get Your Efforts Unstuck and Working for You
  • How to Manage Your Boss, Board of Directors, and Donors When Trying New Strategies

Join me for this 60-minute session packed with relevant and practical information that is guaranteed to help you grow. I'll email you with dates and time.'. 

Maurilio Amorim, CEO The A Group

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