Years ago, I embarked on a week-long adventure at Disney World, immersing myself in their renowned program on managing creativity and innovation. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, and every moment spent with the Imagineers was magical.

While the allure of cutting-edge rides and groundbreaking technology was evident, what surprised me most was the profound lesson on innovation. It wasn't solely about unveiling novel attractions; instead, it was the relentless commitment to enhance existing products and experiences. Disney, a pioneer in the art of storytelling, taught me a valuable principle that has since guided my approach to strategic planning: the 75/25 rule.

Balancing Act: The 75/25 Rule

In the heart of the enchanting Disney universe, I discovered the delicate dance between testing brand-new ideas and refining the elements that already thrived. The 75/25 rule, a formula that Disney had mastered, became a beacon of wisdom for me and a compass for my clients navigating the dynamic landscape of digital innovation.

The Disney Blueprint for Success

Imagineers at Disney devote substantial effort to improving the attractions that visitors cherish. This constant endeavor to enhance existing experiences is a testament to their commitment to excellence and a strategic approach to innovation. Here's the Disney blueprint that inspired my strategic planning:

75% - Nurturing Success

Most of Disney's efforts, a staggering 75%, focus on refining and building upon what already works. This involves identifying successful attractions, analyzing guest engagement metrics, and repurposing content to ensure a continuous impact.

25% - Exploring New Frontiers

The remaining 25% is allocated to embracing innovation. Disney dedicates resources to experimentation, trying new technologies, platforms, and content types. This commitment to creativity ensures they stay at the forefront of the entertainment industry.

Applying the Lessons to Digital Strategy

While these ideas apply anywhere, most of us work more in the digital realm than anywhere else. Translating these lessons to managing a digital strategy the 75/25 rule becomes a guiding principle. Ministry practitioners can draw inspiration from Disney's approach, emphasizing the importance of stability and evolution. Here's how:

Nurturing Success

  •     Identify Successful Campaigns: Recognize content that resonates with your audience.
  •     Analyze Engagement Metrics: Dive deep into data to understand what works.
  •     Repurpose for Impact: Build on proven success by repurposing and retooling.

Exploring New Avenues

  •     Allocate Resources for Experimentation: Dedicate a portion to trying new platforms and content types.
  •     Embrace Creativity: Foster an environment that encourages creativity and adaptability.
  •     Stay True to Core Values: While exploring new ideas, ensure alignment with your brand's core values. Follow the trend, not necessarily the content.

Just as Disney's magic lies in its ability to blend innovation with cherished traditions, digital strategies can thrive by striking a similar balance. The 75/25 rule offers a strategic framework for navigating the evolving landscape of digital innovation. Let's embark on this journey embracing both the magic of the familiar and the thrill of the new.

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