Global rebrand for worldwide change

Global Brand Development

For more than 60 years, Awana has been firmly established as a trailblazer, providing discipleship leaders with programs and resources to reach children. Its ministry impacts 2.3 million kids weekly, yet few truly understood the sheer scale of its international outreach. The A Group was commissioned to steer a global brand realignment and relaunch of its communication efforts -- folding its domestic, international, fundraising and product efforts all into one comprehensive and engaging brand story. Our work included research, messaging, graphic design, photography, videography, social media strategy, and a complete overhaul of their multi-language website -- all to better position them for future growth.

Church Marketing and D6 conference

This major children's ministry conference presented a huge opportunity to share Awana's message and The A Group devised an engagement strategy for conference attendees. We interviewed guests on camera, edited and distributed daily video content, streamed an Awana workshop live online, conducted an integrated a social media campaign, and designed conference ads, collateral and a booth.

International and Domestic Photography

To ensure consistency in brand imagery and to give Awana an updated, modern look, TAG Creative Director Chris Ward and Video Director David McKay traveled to Tanzania and Nepal to capture original, outcome-focused visuals of Awana in real life. They also organized domestic photo shoots throughout the U.S., featuring real-life Awana clubs as well as staged photography. These photos are used throughout the new global brand, showing Awana's presence around the world.

Global Brand Video