Word of Life

Experience your faith

Research and Strategy

As Word of Life approached their 75th anniversary, they recognized they were challenged by the changing times. While they were still offering exciting camps where youth could meet God, running a college-level biblical studies program, producing solid biblical curriculum and sending missionaries all over the world, they understood that to reach today's generation, they also had to communicate in a way that resonated with our culture.  Additionally, as the organization grew, it had become very complex, and Word of Life wished to streamline all of its ministries under one clear mission and message that would help people interact with the organization as a whole.

Word of Life connected with The A Group to help address that challenge. We spent more than eight months in research and strategic planning to position Word of Life for the next 75 years. The result was an in-depth marketing plan that would help streamline and update communications and  guide the organization for the next two years.


Brand Development

Together, we helped lay the path for a fresh look that would respect the past but could reach today's generation. We updated brand messaging, creating an "experience your faith" theme that tied all ministries together while remaining true to the ministry's mission and core values. We also created a fresh, modern logo system to represent all entities in a visually consistent way and developed a brand look to be used in campaigns and on materials.

The A Group partnered with Word of Life to prepare and launch the new brand, creating a strategy for announcing it, support materials such as stationery and templates, video scripts, email copy, social media graphics and content and more.


The A Group continues to work with Word of Life to apply the brand across all marketing materials. As we do this, we have created suites of collateral for each entity, ensuring that all pieces work together to give a consistent visual brand look and message.