In developing communities around the world, children and youth often don’t have the same opportunities we take for granted here in the United States. Their community might lack clean water or enough food, they might not have the opportunity to get an education, and they might never have the chance to hear the Gospel. The best way to break the cycle of poverty is to reach youth and help them reach their potential, so they can change their communities… but where should that solution come from?

Reach Youth Global  (RYG) believes the answer lies within the communities themselves. RYG helps to transform communities from the inside out by partnering with local ministries, organizations and people in the countries where they work to change the lives of children and youth. RYG provides resources, knowledge and funding to organizations helping to share the Gospel and meet the physical and emotional needs of children and youth, so they can in turn reach their full potential.

Previously operating as grassroots organization known as Elevarè for almost a decade, Reach Youth Global was ready to take the next step of growth as an organization. Reach Youth Global partnered with The A Group to rename and rebrand the organization, and to develop a plan to launch the ministry to a wider Christian audience. After months of planning and preparation, Reach Youth Global officially launched last month with a brand new website and logo, a celebration event, and an outreach campaign including social media, PR, email, video and text. We know this is just the beginning for this amazing organization, and we love getting to work with clients that strategically, sustainably and purposefully find ways to truly make an impact on the world around us.

Check them out at to learn more and visit our portfolio for more examples of work we did for Reach Youth Global!

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